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Absolute trust

Newell Recycling of Atlanta has trusted an increasing amount of its shredded metals recovery to equipment made by SGM Magnetics.

Bobby  Triesch  has  helped  set up and manage auto shredding plants  throughout  the  United States. His experience has trained him to judge equipment carefully, and his verdict on equipment made by SGM Magnetics is a definite thumbs up.

In Bobby’s current position with Newell Recycling of Atlanta he is re- sponsible for maximizing production and metals recovery at two large auto shredding plants operating in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

At both plants, Bobby has been achieving those goals with the help of a growing array of equipment supplied by SGM.

SGM’s  role at both shredding plants starts with the deployment of powerful drum magnets used to fully harvest the ferrous shred. “What I have seen with SGM is an incredible amount of strength in the pull of the magnets,” says Bobby. “The way the coils are fabricated and positioned is fantastic. The shredded steel actually gets up and dances as it approaches the SGM magnets it’s amazing,” Bobby marvels.

Bobby’s advice to other shredder operators regarding SGM’s drum magnets is succinct: “SGM really makes an incredible rotary drum magnet for shredders; if you don’t go with SGM you’re going to be sorry.”

The ability  of  the  powerful  SGM drum magnets to pull the entire ferrous stream in one direction allows the SGM eddy currents and induction sen- sors to go to work on the nonferrous and nonmetallic stream that remains.
“SGM’s eddy currents do a great job of singling out the aluminum, cop- per, zinc and other nonferrous metals,” remarks Bobby, who notes that Newell Recycling of Atlanta deploys six SGM eddy currents at its two shredding plants combined.
Newell of Atlanta has definitely been sold on SGM’s induction sensor units, with a recent purchase of six of the machines, bringing the total num- ber owned by the  company to nine. According to Bobby, the units success- fully find the stainless steel and nickel portions of the post-shredder stream that can provide a profitable return to metals recyclers.

“The whole goal in our business is to recover metal  units,”  says Bobby. “The first goal has got to be to recover all the  metal.  If one percent  of your metal  goes to the  landfill, you’re not getting paid for that,” he remarks.

Bobby quickly credits SGM Magnetics for being a key partner in Newell Recycling of Atlanta’s quest to achieve that foremost  goal. “SGM  is newer to the North American market, but I’m glad we took the chance on them,” says Bobby. “They have always exceeded our expectations. They come with my highest recommendation

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